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Art Setouchi 2013 /  © Setouchi  International Art Festival 

Produced in a vacant old private house about 80 years old in the Seto Inland Sea. Under the theme of Susanowo, which is also a sea god, the sea of ​​rich and fertile water was developed on two floors using fishing nets on the island. Using the newspaper articles from the Meiji to early Showa period that came out of the sliding doors during the production, I placed the world map that Japan saw during the war on the floor. The map seen from Japan is oriented in the same direction as the sea, and you can sit on it and look at the sea. Articles from each country are posted on the land.

Susanowo in the God of the sea ancient in Japan, is a presence, such as the trickster that bring wealth and the disaster.

I used a vacant house of a small island sea peoples are living, the representation of the quiet sea and rough seas on the first floor and second floor.

World map made of 100-year-old newspaper is packaged in glass.

There has been affixed articles Japan was trying to advance to the world by force at that time.

Violence is something that behind scenes come suddenly.

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