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My Art as Cushion


My intention of Art is for purifying people’s past and pain.  I use art to heal and restore peoples mind and soul. Because my inspirations come from political topics and current social issues, people may categorize me as a Political Artist. However, my focus is on smaller individual’s life instead of political ideology. 


Since the ancient time, Art was used to emphasizing the religious belief and political power. Now, in modern time, we use Art to boost the economy and politics. Our daily life activities all are under the influence of technology. We enjoy the new Art using technological advancement. It has affected human life positively as well as negatively. 


Since four million years ago, humankind has started walking with two legs; we slowly developed our knowledge and body function over a very long period. However, with the development of urban infrastructure, securing of water and fire became unnecessary. Now we transmit information to get what we need. The lifestyle that we have been operating for ten thousand years has changed significantly in the past 100 years. Although we favor the current lifestyle, I find it somewhat uncomfortable. Because our body has not changed its form since the beginning of time, I wonder if our mind and body have adjusted for this rapid change.


I get most drawn into “Embodiment” art.


What is after experiencing those modern technologies? We can keep going forward but should not forget the origin of the human body function. It is time to focus on the embodiment again. How do we feel, how do we relate, how we do things in this world? We should re-think how we are.


My art project is interactive and primitive. I often invite a group of participants to work collaboratively. I find joy in the process of finding inner self through the experience. Sharing the experience with other people is very rewarding and gives me so many inspirations. I hope my art project help people fill the gap between the radical advancement of modern technology and the primitive function of the humankind. We cannot ignore the purest and most beautiful work of art, “human.”

Tatsuzawa Tatsushi

1972 Born in Yokohama

1997 Graduated from Tama Art University Oil Painting Department

1999 Tokyo Metropolitan Education Civil servant Art teacher Intellectual disability education

2009 Tokyo Metropolitan School Opening Preparation Retired


[Solo exhibition]


2006 BankART NYK/"Ark of Despair"

2007 Gallery ≠ Gallery

2012 Steps Gallery / Located up the stairs

2014 Steps Gallery/Everything


[Group Exhibition]


2007 Art Front Gallery/SLEEP-Are you awake?

2008 BankART / Food and Contemporary Art

2009 Earth Arts Festival

2011 Living in Arts project/Okayama

2012 Earth Arts Festival

2012 Traveling Art / Okayama

2012 Okayama Arts Corridor

2013 Setouchi International Art Festival

2013 Kitakata/Dream/Art Project

2014 Ichihara Art Mix

2014 Forest Boat Art Project

2015 Earth Arts Festival

2015 Kamikoani Project Akita

2015 Kitakata/Dream/Art Project

​2016 Arts Maebashi / Forest of art and expression as co-workers

2016 Setouchi International Art Festival / Awashima Research Center

2017 TURN Fes3

2019 Awashima Research Center / Art, Education, War

2020 Ecosystem of expression / Arts Maebashi


[Space design]

2014 Villa Sakura: Guest Room Design / Kamakura

2014 Spain Bar Girona / Toranomon Hills Tokyo

2015 Madoma Oyama Castle / Shared office, Tottori Oyama Town

2018 Hohal / After-school day service

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