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At the New Northern Art Club, as the first voluntary planned exhibition, an exhibition "Stars and Letters" by two artists related to "Kitakata, Dream, Art Project" held in Kitakata City from 2013 to 2016 We will hold it. Tatsusawa Takizawa, who participates in art projects all over the country and specializes in communication art, participated in the Kitakata/Dream/Art project in 2013. "Mori Monogatari" and "Kitakata Art Living" were carried out with works that embody the ideas of Kitakata towards Itoyoyama and a project that connects Kamakura and Kitakata. Takako Kitajo participated in the Kitakata/Dream/Art Project in 2014 and produced a work in the “Sepiroma's Dream” while interacting with people such as the easel party. We performed with the Picasso work in the Ohara Museum of Art. Hokujo draws the sign of the land with vivid colors and Takizawa recreates the story of the land. The two people we met in 2014 crossed each other's thoughts while continuing to relate to Kitakata in their respective styles and climbed Mt. In this exhibition, we will introduce the encounters of these two artists in Kitakata and their thoughts toward Kitakata in the form of round-trip letters and works. Please enjoy the appearance of Kitakata over the past few years through the interaction of the two people and the possibility of encounters created by the art project, together with the appearance of the gallery Seijoin.

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