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Year: .2020– (on going)     

Medium: Titanium plate heat treatment, clothes

Dimensions H5000 x W4200


I recreated the modern-day Pech Merle with the colors that will never deteriorate. No matter what technology we have acquired, our body form has not changed since the beginning of the time. The shape of the handprints and footprints shown on the famous wall of Pech Merle cave in France (27000 years ago) and Cueva de las Manos in Argentina (9000 years ago) are no different from our hands in 2019. We keep ourselves so busy looking at the new contents and the latest technologies, but I wanted to take a moment and have people realize how human body remains almost the same in the last 27000 years.  

Titanium produces a fine coating on the surface when high temperature or voltage is applied. It is a very strong metal, and the rate of deterioration is slower than other metals, and it has color strength close to that of minerals.

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