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2nd face​

The face is really strong, and hiding a little is just right for me.

Shopping bags distributed in the town, people along the way,

When the Shimokitazawa food market, which flourished in the black market after the war, disappeared, I decided to engage in such a way.

Ask the participants to participate in the shooting by wearing the mask of the shopping bag.

I will post it here.

On the last day, we will hold an art auction without money.

I'm going to put up a profile painting.

Shimokitazawa Art Yamiichi

March 24th (Friday)-26th (Sunday), 2017 11:00-18:00 Public production/exhibition/Shimokitazawa north exit area

Last day 15:00-17:00 Auction


Participating artists Atsushi Ogawa/Mariko Kakinaga/Tatsushi Takizawa/Keisuke Yuki

2nd face​

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