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 Don't forget your  shoes

It has ended.

7025 Otazukimichiue, Kitakata City, Fukushima Prefecture

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Vice President of Fukushima Folklore Society. Former Kitakata City Board of Education Culture Division Chief. In 2013, he made an effort to launch the Kitakata / Dream / Art Project. Since he has a deep knowledge of the Iitoyo faith and is familiar with mountaineering, he supported the two people by assisting the mountaineering process from the historical background. This time, Takizawa forgot his climbing shoes, so he decided to climb with the shoes that Ozawa used to use.

Hiromichi Ozawa  Hiromichi Ozawa

Tatsufumi Takizawa  Takizawa Tatsushi

Takako Kitajo  Hojo Takako

He started to be involved in Kitakata in 2014 and made his first climb to Iide this year. The results will be announced at the Kitakata City Museum of Art and this exhibition. A painting with a fresh stroke of a paintbrush looks like an extraction of light reflected on the retina. His major exhibition history includes VOCA, Ohara Museum of Art, The National Art Center, Tokyo, Art Front Gallery, and many more. The public collection includes the Ohara Museum of Art and the Kitakata City Museum of Art.

He has been involved in Mt. Iide since 2013, and last year he buried the chairs he carried to the summit in the soil of the warehouse. At the summit of this year, the act of connecting stars with laser light will be the beginning of this exhibition. He is performing expressions in various parts of Japan with the theme of the background of the place.

New Northern Art Club Special Exhibition "Stars and Letters" Talk Event

Mr. Hiromichi Ozawa, who witnessed the stay production of Takako Kitakata and Tatsufumi Takizawa in Kitakata as the director of the culture section of the Kitakata City Board of Education and also supported the climbing of Mt. I would like to talk to Frank about the possibilities of Mt. Iide and Kitakata's attractive art projects.

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